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Ankush Bikkasani: Deep Word

“Deep fakes are essentially a very high-quality face swap: putting your face on mine, or my face on yours. But what we needed was the ability to change or modify the things that somebody was saying.”

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New 2021 Pride T-Shirts Are Here!

Here at The Mill, we love our LGBTQ+ fam! Pride Month is just one opportunity to wave our rainbow flag and celebrate. You know what else we love? Soft, comfy t-shirts with snazzy designs, especially when they show our support for Pride Month all year round. Executive...

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Who’s Writing This Blog for entrepreneurs and startups?

The Mill is the heart of Bloomington’s startup ecosystem and its largest coworking space. As a nonprofit, we rely on membership fees and event space rentals, and on some very generous sponsors, too. Most importantly, we are entrepreneurs leading entrepreneurs!

The Mill provides access to a community of peers and mentors. In addition, we offer programs to turn innovative ideas and technologies into business concepts, as well as capacity-building resources, and access to startup capital.

Hundreds of members and dozens of companies call our beautiful coworking space home. Our diverse members include techies, solopreneurs and small companies,, for example, as well as freelancers, creatives, and remote workers. You can join for the coworking amenities, or join for the entrepreneurial support. We’re always energized by the great people we meet at The Mill!