The Mill's 2019 annual report

by Jul 30, 2019

Below is a link to download our 2019 annual report. Lots of good info here on our companies, members, and future plans. It outlines a lot of details into the progress we’re making and will serve as a benchmark for tracking future success.




Thank you to Chase Bogan of Hanapin for designing and telling our story visually and to Lauren Weatherall, our marketing consultant, for collaborating on the outline and building out the content. We’re distributing it digitally this year and will include a line-item into next year’s budget for a print version and for mailing to statewide audiences. Some highlights:
  • 1st statewide pitch competition
  • FormAssembly raised $10mm
  • 1st graduate, The Bee Corp
  • 200 members & 25 companies
  • $2.5mm partnership w/ Elevate Ventures & Columbus
  • Mira finalist, Rising Tech City
When are *you* moving to Bloomington?