The Mill Launches The Flyover Podcast Festival to Celebrate and Nurture Podcast Creativity and Entrepreneurship

by Oct 11, 2019

Podcasts are taking off at Dimension Mill. That’s why the Bloomington coworking and entrepreneurship space is hosting The Flyover Podcast Festival, on October 11. It’s the first festival of its kind in Indiana.

Highlights include a keynote by Bloomington resident, podcaster, bestselling author, and international marketing thought leader Jay Baer, as well as 15 other prominent speakers from around the Midwest, including the founder and CEO of a successful marketing consulting firm and the founder of a popular health movement, who hosts two top-ranked podcasts.

The festival has two tracks, one devoted to podcast production and one exploring the business of podcasting. This makes it ideal for both individuals and businesses just starting a podcast or looking to build their audiences and opportunities for an existing podcast. 

There’s good reason to start or grow a podcast. More than half of Americans listened to a podcast in 2019, according to the Infinite Dial report, and nearly a quarter of Americans listen weekly. Podcast ad revenues are exploding, up 53% in 2018 to top $479 million. As podcasts are incorporated into more devices, playlists, services, and business marketing strategies, audiences and opportunities continue to expand.

Podcasting has been a vital part of The Mill since it opened a year ago, thanks to its fully equipped studio sponsored by Shine Insurance. Two rapidly growing podcasts have already made the studio their home, Dmitri Vietze’s Music Tectonics, which chronicles the music tech scene and has sparked a conference of its own in LA, and David Allen & Brian Johnson’s fun alternate history Flashback to Never

The energy coming out of the studio inspired The Mill to launch a festival to nurture it further, as part of a broader mission. “Our vision is to become the center of coworking and entrepreneurship in Indiana,” explains The Mill’s Executive Director Pat East. “Podcasting is something we’ve shown some success in, and when you find something that’s working, you double down on it. With this new form of entrepreneurship in mind, we feel a conference helps progress us towards our vision.” 

It promises to help aspiring podcasters, marketers, businesses, and creative thinkers move their vision forward, too, as they reach new listeners and customers through the increasingly popular audio format.  

The First Annual Flyover Podcast Festival
Sponsored by Share Your Genius
October 11, 2019
The Flyover Podcast Festival is where the Midwest podcast scene connects and thrives. Experienced and aspiring podcasters alike enjoy a jam-packed day of creative, technical, and business-savvy podcasting innovation.