Street Naming Contest: Notable Suggestions

by Oct 3, 2018

Our Street Naming Contest is in full swing! We’ve already received hundreds of submissions, and wanted to highlight several community picks that caught our eyes this week! If you haven’t already submitted to our street naming contest, enter here.
In no particular order, here are the most interesting Street Name Submissions for this week!

  • Janeway Road/Street/etc. – We’ve gotten a surprising amount of entries naming the new street after the Star Trek Voyager Starfleet Captain, whose fictional biography lists her as hailing from Bloomington.
  • This Road – It wouldn’t be Bloomington without entries for naming the new street “This Street.”
  • Showers Place – Many entries have been made with the aim of honoring the Showers Brothers Furniture Company, The Mill’s original occupants. Their innovative buildings that still remain standing are currently occupied by entities like City Hall, GP Strategies, and Hanapin Marketing.
  • W Population Center – This request may sound unusual, but Bloomington was once considered the mean population center of the United States during the 1910 US Census.

Keep the submissions coming! We’ll be featuring notable submissions every week!