startup summer

get paid to intern at your own college startup!


Startup Summer is a chance for collegiate founders to work full time getting their startup up and off the ground—and to get paid for it!

Here’s how it works. We’ll give you a full-time membership to The Mill, and you’ll come in 25 hours a week (we’re flexible on when, but you do need to be here in person). The program runs June 6-July 29, but your membership will start in mid-May and run through August to be sure you can make the most of it.

You’ll get eight weeks of individualized support for your startup. Mentoring from experts and entrepreneurs. Weekly lunch & learns with your peers. Leadership opportunities to be a mentor yourself. The chance to pitch local angel investors and get feedback. Social events with other founders.

Startup Summer is going to be the most fun, meaningful summer you’ve had in a long time. Seize the chance to devote your work to what excites you most: your startup!

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8 weeks, June 6-July 29

You’ll work on site at The Mill 25 hours a week, developing your startup, attending weekly lunch & learns, and connecting with other founders & mentors.

$2,000 stipend

You’ll get paid half after four weeks and the balance on completion of the summer program.

1:1 Support for your startup

We’ll help you set individualized goals to take your collegiate startup to the next level.

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To participate in Startup Summer, you must be a currently enrolled student at Indiana University or Ivy Tech, and you’ll need to be here over the summer of 2022. This isn’t a remote program. Your startup should have an MVP or be ready to launch. You might even have an up & running business already.

A panel of esteemed experts in entrepreneurship, business, and investing will conduct a blind review of all applications. Then we’ll use their recommendations to select up to 6 participants. Got a cofounder? Apply together!

Need to work another job too? That’s OK—we know you’ve got hustle. Outside of the weekly group meetings with experts, you can schedule your 25 hours a week to suit your needs. Come in early, come in late, work weekends, it’s all good as long as you get in your time.


current college students

Co-founders can apply together (only one of you needs to fill out the form). We’ve got 6 slots total.


in bloomington for summer 2022

You’ll need to be here and physically at The Mill 25 hours a week, but we’re flexible on when.


MVP or LAUnCH ready

If you’re still at the idea phase, it’s too soon to apply. Ready to launch or up & running? Perfect!