Startup Summer 2023 Apps Are Open!

by Oct 4, 2022

We know, we know, we keep talking about how great Startup Summer was. Well, we were so impressed by the collegiate founders in our pilot cohort that we’ve expanded the program for 2023.

Here’s the deal. Startup Summer is an opportunity for collegiate founders to intern for themselves—for pay. Instead of spending the summer making coffee and copies, make progress on your startup. Meet other founders, investors, and experts. Tackle whatever piece is most critical to your startup—we individualize the program. Attend events like Elevate’s Nexus conference, work on your business model and your pitch, and have a blast doing it.

Check out the 2022 startups to see whose awesome footsteps you’ll be following. Summer in Bloomington is pretty sweet! There’s plenty of fun to be had, whether you’re into sports, the outdoors, the arts, nightlife, or all of the above. (Here are some highlights we put together for another program.)

And if you don’t know The Mill, Bloomington’s nonprofit center for entrepreneurship and coworking, you’re in for a treat. The Mill is located in an iconic historic building in the heart of downtown. It’s an inspiring, beautiful space filled with founders, creators, and interesting people. (Check it out!)

Startup Summer 2023 Details

Startup Summer 2023 runs for 10 weeks, from May 17 through July 26. It’s an on-site program here at The Mill, so you do need to be in Bloomington for the summer. (If you’re applying from out of town, we’ll have housing recommendations.) You must be currently enrolled at any Indiana university or college. In addition, your startup needs to have an MVP or be almost ready to launch. If you’re still at the idea stage, it’s too soon to apply.

Stipends range from $4,000-$4,500, and you need to complete the program to receive your full stipend. You can apply solo or with your team—we love to see how much progress a great team can make, working together. Also, we’ll give you a full-time membership to The Mill that starts May 1 and ends August 30, to help you make the most of your access to our incredible community and its resources.

To apply, you’ll tell us a little about yourself and your startup. You must apply by November 4, 2022, to be considered for the Startup Summer 2023 program. A panel of experts in entrepreneurship, business, and investing will conduct a blind review of all applications. We’ll use their recommendations to select participants. You’ll know before Thanksgiving break whether you’ve been accepted.

Please help us spread the word about Startup Summer 2023. It’ll be pretty hard to live up to the awesomeness of the 2022 S’Ups . . . so show us some brand-new ideas and innovations!