Startup Studio is a team of experienced Bloomington and Columbus designers who help startups acquire and engage customers and investors through thoughtful branding & design  services for startups. Startup Studio understands the specific needs of startups & creates powerful tools.




Fuel your growth with great design services for startups.

Take your pitch deck, your most valuable tool to land important meetings & hook investors. The science of it matters: for example, the slide sequence & the data you present on market potential and strategic advantage.

But the art matters, too: the story you tell & how you focus attention on the most compelling information. Overall, a great pitch deck presents a clear, strong picture of opportunity. It should also inspire confidence in your vision and leadership. 

A terrific example of the kind of before-and-after transformation we want to help you make! (This one is by First Round.)

“Thank you so much for the assistance in getting us connected with Ashley, she’s been an absolute godsend!”

Helix Biostructures

Startup Studio’s design services for startups and preferred rates are offered exclusively to members of The Mill and the Velocities network. Our concierge service will help at every step. First, we’ll define your needs and goals. Next, we’ll match you with a designer. Finally, we’ll guide you through the process.



$600 — $800

Your logo is the face of your brand. The right logo communicates your company’s identity instantly and memorably. Our designers can create a powerful logo that increases your brand recognition and presents your company as polished, current, and focused.


$600 — $800

Our designers can take your pitch deck to the next level. Great design is purposeful design. And we understand what makes a pitch deck SELL! Our designers will help you translate complex ideas into effective images and concise text that communicate the critical data investors seek. 


$300 — $500

Your one pager should communicate your business to investors in a compelling, concise way. It should be literally outstanding: the one piece among many that catches the eye, engages the imagination, and most importantly, convinces an investor to take action. Because you only have a page to make your case, great design is essential to integrating data, images, and text effectively.


$2,000 — $2,500

An eye-pleasing website design with simple, intuitive UI is everything when sharing your product with customers. Our designers have years of experience in website design, management, and coding, so they’re fluent in a variety of platforms (such as Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, for instance).  


$500 for complete package of profile branding assets & post templates

$75 per post

If you need help making your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social posts look fantastic, our designers can help! Get a complete, unified package of social branding tools, or order a la carte as needed for critical campaigns.

Additional projects

estimated on request


First, you must be a Mill member or in the Velocities network to work with Startup Studio. Next, contact us to start the process! We’ll collect some information on your startup, your design needs, and your goals, and provide concierge service to match you with a great designer. In addition, we’ll help you understand how the design process will work, what you’ll need to provide, and what to expect along the way.