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REBOOT: Inclusive Entrepreneurial Development

ReBoot is a free, six-week program to help people turn business ideas into business plans. Entrepreneurship presents powerful opportunities for individuals and communities. Here at The Mill, we want to create more inclusive access to those opportunities. We’re offering three sessions of ReBoot in 2022, each tailored to the needs of a specific population:

  • Spring 2022—veterans
  • Summer 2022–formerly incarcerated
  • Fall/winter 2022—women impacted by the pandemic

Participants in ReBoot learn how to focus their business ideas, get customer validation, and present their business to potential investors. They’ll have access to mentors, successful  entrepreneurs, and a slate of inspiring expert speakers. At the end of the program, participants deliver their business pitches, and the winner takes home a little seed money for their business.

All participants receive part-time memberships to The Mill, where they can take advantage of additional free programs to grow their businesses and connect to an extensive network of mentors and investors.

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ReBoot is grateful to the City of Bloomington for its support with ARPA funds. To get involved with ReBoot, or to become a sponsor, please contact Andy Lehman, Head of Accelerator Programming.

Being part of your ReBoot Program has me doing more research on things I need and want to know about what I want to do, and reaching out to connections I now have for answers I need.

Spring 2021 ReBoot participant

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing this. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to really get this rolling and start working on my other business ideas as well. It has been an amazing opportunity.

Spring 2021 ReBoot participant