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REBOOT: inclusive entrepreneurial education

Entrepreneurship presents powerful opportunities for individuals and communities. Here at The Mill, we want to create more inclusive access to those opportunities! ReBoot is a free program to help people explore entrepreneurship and receive support for developing them.

Participants in ReBoot learn how to define a compelling business proposition, test it out with potential customers, prepare to launch a business, manage the most important financials, and present their business for investment. They’ll have access to mentors, successful  entrepreneurs, and a slate of inspiring expert speakers.

All participants receive memberships to The Mill, where they can take advantage of additional free programs to grow their businesses and connect to an extensive network of mentors and investors.

Subscribe to get updates on future sessions!

Learn more about the February 2023 session for women & nonbinary folks.

winter 2023 Session for women & nonbinary folx: February 6–10

Are you curious about entrepreneurship? Maybe you have a side hustle you’d like to turn full time. Maybe you’ve been at home with the kids, and you need a new plan for the next stage of life. Maybe the pandemic opened up new dreams about working for yourself. Take a week in ReBoot to explore the possibilities! There’s no cost, no risk, and you just might get inspired.

  • Exclusively for women & nonbinary folx who want to explore entrepreneurship
  • Completely free and open to all stages of interest, whether you have an idea, an up-and-running business, or simply the desire to learn more
  • We’ll meet for 5 days in February, from 6-7:30 pm. First class is in-person, the rest are virtual.
  • You’ll also get a free 3-month full-time membership to The Mill and access to all its resources. We’ll check in with you monthly to see how you’re doing and how we can help!

To increase the effectiveness of instruction, participation is limited to a small group. Registration opens December 19 and close February 1 at midnight. 

Not sure if you’re the right fit? Register! ReBoot is a safe space to learn and explore entrepreneurship at any stage. Kick imposter syndrome to the curb!


December 19

enrollment opens


February 1

enrollment deadline


February 6

program kickoff at The Mill


February 10

program end


May 6

free Mill membership ends

ReBoot is grateful to the City of Bloomington for its support with ARPA funds. To get involved with ReBoot, or to become a sponsor, please contact Andy Lehman, Head of Accelerator Programming.

It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone starting this journey.

Spring 2022 ReBoot participant

The program is very helpful! Everyone involved was kind and caring and easy to speak with.

Spring 2022 ReBoot participant

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing this. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to really get this rolling and start working on my other business ideas as well. It has been an amazing opportunity.

Spring 2021 ReBoot participant

Being part of your ReBoot Program has me doing more research on things I need and want to know about what I want to do, and reaching out to connections I now have for answers I need.

Spring 2021 ReBoot participant