The Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio in Bloomington

The Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, is an impressive amenity available exclusively to members of The Mill. Our podcasting studio provides a soundproof recording environment, professional-grade microphones, and recording software. We offer trainings on using the studio’s high-end equipment regularly. As a result, at The Mill, you can make your podcast idea a reality!

“For people thinking about starting a podcast or preparing to do so, the Shine Studio is an amazing resource because it features an acoustically treated room, top-quality microphones, easy-to-use recording and editing software, and is generally a very comfortable and attractive space.”

Jeremy Shere, Mill member & podcaster

  • 3 Shure SM7b dynamic microphones driven by a Presonus AR12 Mixer
  • Hindenburg Professional DAW multitrack records and edits on a 2TB 16gb MAC Mini
  • 32” Samsung monitor

Our podcast studio is reason enough to become a member. Book a tour of The Mill to see it in person. Or just make the leap and join us today! Because memberships are month to month, there’s no risk.

Thank you to our podcast studio sponsor! Shine Insurance makes this incredible studio possible. Stop stressing over insurance, and check out Shine Insurance for all your insurance needs.


podcasts for Startups & entrepreneurs

Podcasting has become an important way that startups, independents, and entrepreneurs explore creative ideas to build community, raise visibility, and hook new business. And for that reason, The Mill is the home of the awesome Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio in Bloomington, Indiana. Our members produce some terrific podcasts here. Subjects range from how technology is changing the music industry, for instance, to the legendary world of Tékumel. In addition, The Mill produces our own podcasts, on topics for startups and entrepreneurs.

Like a Glove is The Mill’s podcast for startups about product-market fit (PMF). PMF  is one of the most important and least discussed aspects of startup success. Entrepreneurs talk frankly how they found PMF and how they navigate the often-winding path of developing products and services to provide maximum value.

Host: Pat East

Check out our blog, The Stack!

We post transcripts for all of our Like a Glove podcast episodes there.

Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 14: Ongoing Maintenance, with Jason Whitney

You have to continue to engage with those customers and your trusted partners to iterate your product, even when you’re in the market. Because just because you found a fit today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow some kid in Palo Alto hasn’t come up with something that’s even better than what you’ve got, and he’s already knocking on the door of your customers.

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 13: Trying to Boil the Ocean, with Chelsea Linder

Trying to boil the ocean, trying to sell their product to literally everybody–that’s obviously not the most effective way to go about it. I really want to see a company that is clearly thinking about that beachhead market or target market, and knows who really is feeling this pain the most, that they’re solving, and how they’re going to specifically target those customers.

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PODCASTs produced at the mill

Our podcasting studio in Bloomington is home to dozens of podcasts across a wide range of topics. So check out these awesome podcasts, and become a member of The Mill to join the podcasting fun!

What would our world be without Elvis Presley? Flashback to Never sets out to explore that question. An alternate-history podcast told through 1962 pop radio. Original music in vintage styles. All the best songs you’ve never heard.

Host: David Allen 

logo fo Tekumel podcast

The Hall of Blue Illumination is the podcast dedicated to M.A.R. Barker’s legendary world of Tékumel. Fans & newcomers will learn about the many facets of this exquisite setting and game. 

Host: Scott Kellogg

logo fo Tekumel podcast

Let Me Check My Schedule, the podcast from online booking & scheduling platform Periodic, covers business tips and insight into industry trends. 

Host: Torlando Hakes

Like a Glove podcast logo

Like a Glove explores product-market fit (PMF), one of the most important and least discussed aspects of startup success. Entrepreneurs talk frankly how they found PMF and how they navigate the winding path of developing & evolving products and services that provide maximum value for their customers.

Host: Pat East

Bloomington, Indiana is full of interesting characters! So join them for Lunch @ The Mill and find out what drives their passion. 

Host: Pete Yonkman

Music Tectonics goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. In addition, the podcast includes news roundups, interviews, and more. 

Host: Dmitri Vietze

Whether you’re looking for your first home, second home, or you’re a veteran home buyer, you can use the New Home Buyers Guide‘s 9 steps to get organized and, most importantly, unlock the right house for the right price.

Host: Jeremy Goodrich

Starting a business from scratch is an adventure. Scratch Entrepreneur digs deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Host: Jeremy Goodrich