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Deadline: Apply to Y Combinator


Y Combinator is accepting applications from startups for the Summer 2021 funding cycle. It will take place from June–August 2021. If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 8 pm PT on March 15. Startups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications. And you can submit after the deadline - though keep in mind that if you apply late, we can’t guarantee the exact date of when you’ll hear back from us with a decision. This batch of Y Combinator will be remote due to COVID-19. It will be much the same as every other batch. We’ve worked hard to ensure we can provide the same networking, advice, and fundraising help that YC always provides. During the 3 month cycle, we invite speakers every week to talk about their startup and what they learned. Every week or two, you’ll have group office hours, where you’ll talk with 5-8 companies and your YC partners for an hour. These group office hours are a chance to get to know companies in your batch that are going through similar things and to help each other. During and after the 3 months we […]