New Monthly Maker Café Launches August 12

by Aug 4, 2021

Calling all creators to the Maker Café! Starting on August 12 at 3pm, we’re turning The Mill into an open makerspace once a month. We’ll have cool tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, and more set up in the kitchen. Pop in, see them in action, and bring a project!

Dream Technician Andrew Woodard will be on hand at the Maker Café with a suite of maker tools from the Uplands Maker Mobile. It’s stocked with Cricut machines, sewing machines, CNC routers and electronics, as well as hand tools, crafting, and carpentry tools.  He’ll set up in the café at The Mill and run some sample projects to explain how the machines work. Once you’ve got the gist of it, you can try your hand at it. Bring in a photo to use with the laser cutter! Print something in 3D! Get creative!

The Maker Mobile comes to us from the IU School of Education. Uplands Maker Mobile brings making to schools and organizations through workshops with children or adults, development and training for professionals or teachers, or assisting with events and projects.

It’s pretty darn cool! We hope you’ll visit us on August 12 at the Maker Café at The Mill to play with all the neato maker tools.

No need to register. The Maker Café will be open from 3-7 pm, on the second Thursday of every month. Pop in when you’ve got 10-15 minutes, have some coffee on us, and watch the magic happen!

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