Mill Members Rise to Water Fund Challenge

by Jul 20, 2021

We’re sending out a wave of thanks today to our Mill member community. They blew  our recent water fund challenge out of the water!

We asked Mill members to consider donating $10 to the Lake Monroe Water Fund, a new nonprofit to conserve, protect, and sustain our watershed. The Mill pledged to provide a 2:1 match AND to donate an extra $10 for each pledge, up to a total of $1,000 in donation. 

Boy, did they come through. Mill members made donations totaling $555 to date, and more gifts are still trickling in. With our $1,000 match, we’ve contributed a grand total of $1,555 so far. 

Besides being a great place to swim, boat, or bird watch for bald eagles, Lake Monroe is the sole source of drinking water for 128,000 people. Our reservoir was built in 1965, and we’re past the halfway point in its planned 100-year lifespan. The time is now to ensure this beautiful and essential resource can continue to serve our community to 2065 and well beyond.

The Lake Monroe Water Fund has been years in the making. It’s the work of leaders in nature conservancy, local government, civic organizations, and passionate individuals. And the chair of its board of directors is Jane Martin—who was also The Mill’s first chair! With the terrific team leading the water fund, you know it’s an innovative idea on track to succeed.

We’re so proud that The Mill’s community cares about our planet and our community’s little spot on it. Thank you for coming through on our water fund challenge, Mill members. You’re the best!

And now we pass the water fund challenge on to our broader community. We share one source for drinking water: let’s make it sustainable for generations to come.

Learn more about the Lake Monroe Water Fund. Please consider donating.