Mill Construction Week 10/1

by Oct 1, 2018

Another week, another Mill Construction update!

This week featured even more leaps and bounds as wood paneling was still being assembled. Our rooms got a little more defined, and some pleasant surprises were in store for us this week as well.



If you’re familiar at all with any building of the Showers complex that remains standing, you’ll find this style of joist incredibly familiar. While this is freshly cut wood in the designated desk area, this design element can be found throughout The Mill, both in the older architecture, and in the newer additions.


The wood flooring in this office space, right next to the designated desk area, is wood from the original building. Originally subjected to extreme wear and tear, this wood was removed from the floor during construction, planed, and repurposed as wood flooring for this office. Our construction crew has been incredibly mindful with regards to keeping and repurposing the original wood whenever possible.


Finally, after months of pestering our dedicated foreman Keith, I was surprised to find that we finally had some actual, real stairs. It can’t be understated how big of an addition stairs are this week. Maybe it’s a tad hyperbolic to say that, but being able to easily access the lower portion of this space has been exceedingly difficult to document.


Finally, one of the rear entrances to the building has a key component: The garage door! Acting as both a door and a floor-length window, it’s very much in keeping with the Mill’s guiding design, that of being simultaneously utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

Next week: More photos of the Event Space, once the stairs are complete!