Mill Construction Updates: Week of 9/4

by Sep 4, 2018

Another week, another construction update! The drywall continues to be hung throughout Dimension Mill, and the space continues to grow in definition each week as more additions are put in place.


These small booths in the coworking space, designed for individuals to receive phone calls in, now look like actual booths. Only a few weeks ago, these walls didn’t exist at all. Now they’re ready to be painted over with their first coat of primer.


Here is a section of wall that has yet to receive drywall over the insulation on the first floor. With the addition of insulation comes a significant change in acoustics as well. The usual noise of construction is more noticeably muted when behind one of these walls, which gives us a better idea of how acoustics are going to work in a unique space like The Mill.


The coworking space in general has come a long way from where it was a few weeks ago. Its areas are now more defined to the point where you can actually see the spaces that people will be working in.




The event space below has not changed as drastically, but one important update from our foreman this week was that the addition of a staircase that will descend down from the reception area into the event space along the far wall in this photo. The staircase is anticipated to be completed at least by the end of the month.


The HVAC and piping installations keep changing each week as a new structural element is added, this time to insulate the piping, while also preserving the innovative sawtooth structure that makes the Showers Brothers design so efficient, industrial, and unique.

That’s all for this week in terms of construction updates. Expect some preliminary stairs, and more updates on The Mill’s construction next week!