Mill Construction Updates: Week of 9/24

by Sep 24, 2018

It’s only been a week, but a lot of progress has been made for The Mill’s construction! We’ve still got many different aspects of the building to finish, but the progress has been more noticeable from week to week.

construction site

Here’s an unfinished coworking space for two, now paneled over with wood with warm color tones. Already this space is looking more and more like a space to work in!


Another photo of our coworking space, covered in plastic sheets to protect it from water damage. This entire section of the coworking space was paneled over in a mere week! Paint also really begins to make a space feel like an actual space as well.


Towards the end of our coworking space is the wall to our kitchenette, which is also being paneled over with wood. This wall is unfinished, but it already gives you a good idea of the overall aesthetic look of the coworking space as a whole.


Our event space is also shaping up to look more and more complete. The HVAC equipment that was occupying the floor space is currently being assembled in the event space below, a major step forward for this lower portion of the building. Windows are also now finally in place! The lack of plastic coverings really allows the great original design of this building capture the natural sunlight.

Next week: More paneling! and stairs (hopefully)!