Mill Construction Updates: Week of 10/15

by Oct 15, 2018

It’s all coming together now!

We’ve taken some photos of the interior of The Mill, that we also wanted to take photos of the exterior as well.

These are the still-in-progress steps leading up to The Mill’s front door. It was a fairly gloomy day today, but more photos of the exterior landscaping will be incoming soon. The sidewalk is also unfinished as well.
The front entrance of The Mill is still being built out. Also excuse the wetsaw that’s blocking the door! Whenever we’ve made an update about construction, we’ve always been mindful about not getting in the way of construction workers when shooting, but this week things on site couldn’t be more hectic as the more visible features of the building come together.
Our exterior walkway and patio is also being built out this week as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to walk on it this week!
Inside The Mill: the wood paneling in the coworking space has had a good sanding down, to the point where it’s smooth to the touch. During previous weeks, it was not a very good idea to run your hand against the wood, but now this can mostly be safely done.
Our kitchenette area now has cabinets and hanging lights. Hopefully we’ll have countertops in soon!
Our wood flooring is also looking particularly spectacular as our hardwood floor extends out into the hall  leading to our event space.

Hopefully we’ll be able to finally show the floor, our patio, and our completed kitchenette, next week!