Mill Construction Updates

by Sep 17, 2018

Another week, another round of construction updates at The Mill! We’ve come so far, but so much still remains to be done in the run up to substantial completion on October 31st.


The HVAC system still needs to be assembled in the Event space below.


The coworking space is slowly bu tsurely coming together as well. While there’s still a lot to be done here, we have a much better idea of what the community coworking spaces look like compared to just a few weeks before.


The most notable progress that’s been made has been in our private offices and designated desk areas, as the construction team works from the outer edges to the center of the building. Here, the office has had its first coat of paint, a major step for the building.

Next week: Hopefully, a staircase begins to form from the first floor, to the event space, and more updates on the coworking spaces!