Mill Construction Updates

by Sep 11, 2018

This past week’s construction had a very significant update. We had been waiting to hear our “go/no-go” deadline of October 31 for substantial completion of the building would be reached. We’re happy to say that deadline’s being met. Now, onto the updates!


This week had an element that surprisingly makes it infinitely easier to picture the finished space: Paint! Walls throughout the building were being primed this past week, and the results were surprisingly effective at really taking the room from something you visualize in the abstract, to something much more concrete. Above is one of our office spaces, the seams between the drywall being sealed before paint is applied.


Here is our designated desk space. Only a month ago, this was a skeleton of metal and one had to look at the floor plan in order to actually determine where they were in the building. Now that the walls are in place, and that paint is being applied, really makes the area more of a space that we can see, and highlights just how far the building has come in order to be a habitable workspace.


Above, Pat East, our executive director, gives a small group of Cowork members, Dimension Mill board members, and city employees a tour of the designated desk space, highlighting the innovative design of the area as a whole for members who desire private space when working at The Mill. The paint was still drying, so we were warned to keep our distance from the walls!


The coworking space, which the tour group is overlooking, is really coming together as more wiring, outlet panels, and drywall are hung. This area is also expected to be painted this next week.

Next week’s updates will hopefully include an early iteration of the staircase leading down to the event space!