Mill Construction Updates

by Aug 27, 2018

Another week passes, and another update on Dimension Mill’s construction! Last week, drywall was being put in place, giving everyone touring much more definition to the interior of the building than we had in the past.
It’s one thing to look at a floor plan, quite another to actually get a sense of the scale of the space as a whole.


One of the most innovative aspects of The Mill’s design is its roof. Slanted, and positioned to be perpendicular to the sun, this windowed roof allows for both passive solar heating in the winter, and an incredible source of natural light year-round. Such a sensible and practical design choice is a testament to the Showers Brothers’ desire for cost-efficiency in manufacturing, but also doubly serves as an environmental innovation by designing the building to harness the power of the sun. The lighting is good enough that none of the photos in this blog post required any artificial lighting. All of the photos you see here are naturally lit.


A week ago, this hallway was only a metal skeleton. Now this hallway has space and shape to it that was lacking. It was easy to notice the construction noise being slightly dampened.


Much like last week’s set of photos, drywall is still being hung in the building. Here, we’re looking through one of the interior windows that will look down on the event space below. The foundation of the building was excavated slightly to accommodate this large, lower-level open space.

MVIMG_20180823_112300 (1).jpg
The designated desk space is looking almost completely different. It’s much easier to see the size and the space that these spaces will provide for tenants now that there are walls.


While the staircase is not completed yet, from below, the event space is more defined. It’s also a better way to get a look at the load-bearing wooden beams that are currently in place. While these beams have been determined by our construction crew to be acceptable, much of the original wood has not. Over the years, much of the wood has suffered from heat taking away moisture from it, and moisture being reintroduced to the wood, that the structural integrity of it has had it designated for removal, as it has become overly unstable and brittle. This space also has yet to have drywall and insulation hung, but dry wall hanging should be completed in the coming weeks.

Now that the building is coming together in a substantial way, we’ll have more info in the coming weeks!