Mill Construction Updates

by Aug 20, 2018

Over at The Mill, things are starting to come together! Dry wall is being hung, halls are starting to look like halls, and spaces are becoming more defined as drywall hanging continues. MVIMG_20180817_122112_1 This studio, located towards the rear of The Mill, looks much more defined than it did now that drywall is being hung. MVIMG_20180817_121607 Even though drywall has only been hung from the top of this section of the building, we can already see a more defined area looking through this wall, which will be a part of the open coworking space. IMG_20180817_121910 IMG_20180817_121903 While this ladder is currently one of the only ways to reliably get down to the event space below, more of the flooring we’re discovering has been subjected to much wear and tear over the years in terms of humidity. The vacillating temperatures, have caused the wood to become more brittle as it swells and . While efforts to preserve the flooring have been underway for quite some time, we’ve found some of the wood to be either rotted or unsuitable for use as a load-bearing floor, and have had to remove it. IMG_20180817_122846 Now that the building has power flowing into it, the task of rewiring the building has also begun. Here we have an unfinished outlet near the designated desk area. The drywall hasn’t come to this part of the building just yet, but will within the next few weeks! MVIMG_20180807_153002.jpg One piece of The Mill that we have been finding during renovation are these trolley tracks. The tracks were laid in-between the buildings, so that material could easily be transported in and out of The Mill’s facility and into the next stage of production. It’s been an exciting find for us, and an important part of The Mill’s history. We’re still on target for our substantial construction date in October. As we find other ways to repurpose the materials that we find during construction, we’ll be sharing those with you as we continue to watch this building come together in its final months.