Mill Construction Updates: 10/8

by Oct 8, 2018

The Mill has been going through so many changes as we near substantial completion in only 23 days that it’s difficult to keep up with how the building is coming together. Here’s a quick rundown of Dimension Mill’s first floor:
This is the front entrance to The Mill. Lots of work is continuing to be done to the front facade of the building at the moment.
Here’s the hallway leading down to the event space below, as well as the bathroom, lactation room, and shower.
Our restaurant-style booths in the coworking space are shaping up to be very attractive alternatives to the more open spaced booths, complete with roofs to capture sound and giving these spaces a more private feel while maintaining the sense of an open office.
The open coworking space barriers have been sanded down.
A designated desk space that will eventually have doors. More and more doors are going in on an almost weekly basis, and these doors aren’t too far behind for this designated desk space in the next few weeks. Lots of more construction updates to come in the coming weeks!