Mill Construction Updates: 10/24

by Oct 24, 2018

As we near our substantial completion date, everything is finally coming together here at The Mill! mvimg_20181024_1210461685907366993963984.jpg One of our biggest assets has been the addition of our signage outside the front of the building! The white lettering is very on point with our excellent branded promotional materials that we’ve already produced. mvimg_20181024_1205522645061653903809694.jpg Some other critical design elements are beginning to be put in place, like this light fixture here for the Event Space below. mvimg_20181024_1212008510533522023714545.jpg Other light fixtures are very much in line with the design of everything else that we’ve been working towards, like these light fixtures in the coworking space, which is still modern, but also not. mvimg_20181024_1207012824103878023648791.jpg A wonderful addition to our new kitchenette is this limestone countertop. This countertop is still in progress, but it’s a great addition to the story that the building is trying to tell by including literal elements mined and used by industries foundational to Bloomington and Southern Indiana. mvimg_20181024_1208542751661597096400167.jpg Our event space, from above the designated desk area, which is now a true window! mvimg_20181023_1012134473116856230146812.jpg Our staircase has also grown by leaps and bounds with its railing going up at this critical moment. It’s wonderful to have seen this staircase be made and recovered from wooden beams that needed to be removed from the building, and to see it come together is a truly beautiful thing! Next week: More critcial updates, a (hopefully) completed outer walkway, and our substantial completion event!