Level Up: Molly Nagy

by Sep 25, 2018

This September, Molly Nagy of Hanapin Marketing gave an excellent presentation on building a winning team at this month’s Level Up.

An accomplished HR professional, Molly was quick to remind attendees of the importance of difference in the workplace at all levels, of hiring widely, and of training individuals who may not have the technical skills, but who have the aptitude.

Molly covered several successful methods that have been implemented at Hanapin that have resulted in the company one of the fastest-growing digital marketing firm in the country, covering everything from ensuring that an employee’s first day is a low-pressure experience, to even ensuring that an employee feels that they can give critical feedback to their employer. “That employee’s first day is so important, and often determines how long an employee will stay with you,” she noted.

One of the most critical elements that Molly discussed was the importance of investing in employees, particularly employees who might not have the necessary technical skills. Programs like the REBOOT Fellowship are a critical part of building a talent pipeline in Indiana, and as the state of Indiana sponsors workforce development programs through competitive grants, there are many great opportunities for startups and small businesses in Bloomington to give opportunities to new employees looking to make a successful career transition.