Inaugural Tshirt Design Contest for Pride Month

by May 13, 2019

170626132817-pride-parade-full-169 The Mill is producing a tshirt design contest for Pride month. Here’s the skinny:
  • Submission period is May 13-May 27 at Midnight ET
  • Voting period is May 29-31
  • Shirts available for purchase on or about June 12 onsite at The Mill and online at a TBD website
  • Profits from tshirt sales will be donated to Bloomington Pride
  • Design submissions will be screened by the submissions committee and from those, the finalists will be voted on by members of The Mill
Prizes for the finalists and winner:
  • $50 to each of the finalists and $150 to the winner
  • The finalists and winner will be featured on our website and in newsletter (1000+ subscribers) along with links to your Twitter or Instagram
  • The winning design will be produced on a tshirt made by Homefield Apparel
  • For the first round, submissions will be judged based on creativity, use of brand guidelines*, and general popularity
  • For the second round, the winner will be the design that garners the most votes among our members
Design limitations:
  • While you must use The Mill name, you are not required to use either logo
  • Other than using the brand guidelines, there are no limitations
  • It can be 1-color and up to 6-color
  • The design can use any theme as inspiration
  • Submit your design mocked up how it should look on a tshirt, along with the tshirt color
Submit your designs using the form below. Good luck!