Fourth Graders Rise to the Challenge

by Jan 15, 2021

This year’s Fourth Grade Maker Challenge is a wrap! Each year, the Maker Challenge poses a timely, real-world question, and kids across the the Monroe County Community School Corp dream up big ideas in response. This year, the fourth annual challenge, the question was: How can we improve the lives of people in Bloomington during the pandemic?¬†Students presented their ideas in stop-motion videos filled with Legos, drawings, construction paper, and creativity.

The Mill was proud to partner with MCCSC, and frankly, we had a blast! 750 students participated. They brainstormed cool solutions, built simple machines, and met with mentors from The Mill to get feedback on their ideas. 

Congratulations to the winners!
  • Best Use of Stop Motion: Miranda’s Mart, by Miranda Rader, Grandview Elementary
  • Best Innovation for Health and Safety: Dining Enclosure with Vacuum Tube and Pulley by Brendan Funk, Templeton Elementary
  • Best Innovation for Entertainment: The Game Shaker by Madison Spier, Childs Elementary
  • Best Innovation for Community Building: The Need Help/Give Help Website by Walt Voyles, Templeton Elementary

Thanks to all the amazing teachers we met, to MCCSC for the opportunity to be part of this fun event, and to all the volunteer mentors: Derek Crawford, Ashley Fender, Samantha Ginther, Torlando Hakes, Rachel Kluck, Andrew Lehman, Cy Megnin, Sam Sveen, Melissa Ward, Jason Whitney, and Nichelle Whitney.

Read more about the Maker Challenge in the Herald-Times, and enjoy the showcase eof all the finalists’ stop-motion videos!