Register Now for Flyover Podcast Festival, October 8-9

by Sep 8, 2020

Registration is open for the 2020 Flyover Podcast Festival, and it’s going to be awesome!

We’ve lined up some incredible speakers and podcasters, including Lindsay Tjepkema from Casted, Don Griffin Jr. and Amy Makice of the podcast “My Racist Friend,” and Lauren Bavis and Jake Harper, the hosts of “Sick,” a gripping serial true crime podcast centered on the health industry. Sessions will focus on the art, production, and business of podcasting, and there’s still more to come!

Sound engineer Logan Miller and veteran podcaster Galen Clavio will lead a hands-on workshop for 20 lucky participants, giving personalized feedback on their podcasts. The Podcast Expo will showcase all the podcasts by presenters and participants. We’ve even got swag made up and ready to ship! Yep, real swag, the kind that goes by snail mail.

Registration is $49 for two packed days, and since our fantastic sponsor Sweetwater Sound is giving out one $50 gift card after every session, it’s an incredible value. Last year’s festival at The Mill was a blast, and no way is being virtual this year going to slow us down or rain on our parade. Au contraire! We’re making the most of being online to make this year’s festival even better. We podcast. That’s remote, too. WE GOT THIS.

Flyover Podcast Festival is where the Midwest podcast scene connects and thrives. Join the movement as we transform our “flyover” states into the crossroads of all things podcasting. And hey, join us even if you aren’t in the Midwest—because this year we’re online. Flyover is for everyone!