Final Mill Construction Update Part 2: The Interior

by Oct 30, 2018

It’s that time again. Time for our final post about some last minute construction details on this whirlwind of a project. The photo above is the co-working space complete with some stylish carpet. The wood floors that are recovered wood has been treated and coated and polished, giving it a subtle but distinct finish. Our kitchen counters, made from Indiana Limestone, are here in their completed form. Their distinct style gives the kitchen a unique but practical aesthetic in keeping with the other parts of the building. Our event space below is nothing but distinct. Open but intimate, our event space is one of the highlights of The Mill, where it will be hosting a wide variety of community-oriented events. Our private office exteriors are also completed. The woodwork here complements the blue carpeting, giving an overall warmer tone to balance out the coolness of the carpet’s colors. Finally, we are proud to see at least some of the furniture that is our designers picked out on behalf of the city. All of the furniture being purchased was still moving into the facility at the time of writing, so there is a lot more that we’ll talk about once we get underway.