Final Mill Construction Update: 10/29 Part 1: The Exterior

by Oct 29, 2018

It’s finally here. After months of incredible hard work from our construction crew, we’re just two days away from substantial completion.

There’s been a furious amount of work on the exterior of the building these past few weeks, and it’s almost surreal to say that only a few weeks ago, at the beginning of this month, this was mostly dirt and mud.
The incredible brickwork here, located just outside of our event space cannot be understated. It’s a testament to the dedicated workers who have put in hour after hour quickly and safely constructing this building.
More incredible brickwork that makes up the curbside portion of this sidewalk. The color contrast and cobblestone feel isn’t lost on your feet either as you walk its level, but textured surface.
The deck that you see wrapping around the building is almost complete. A few weeks ago, only the flimsy framework of this building existed.
The front entrance of the building is simply stunning. Barely five weeks ago, this doorway was only a giant plywood wall. Now it’s replaced by our incredible sign that hangs at the entryway of the building.
But one feature that can’t be overlooked by this sign, is what it does at night.
Watching this building come together in the rapid way that it has is a testament to our construction crew, who have worked so tirelessly on this incredibly daunting and complicated project. They have not only managed to preserve the character of the building.
Part two of this post, which will showcase the interior of the building one last time before the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Halloween. See you then!