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Startup Summer Applications

Startup Summer is a chance for collegiate founders to work full time getting their startup up and off the ground—and to get paid for it! You must be a current […]

Choose the Best Fundraising Options for Your Startup

Launch startup. Raise capital. Rapidly grow to either IPO or get acquired. Move on to your next big idea. This seemingly simple path isn't so easy. The second step can be a big hurdle especially since many businesses fail from a lack of funding. The timing of when a startup requires funding depends largely on […]

How to Get Friends and Family Money without Ruining Relationships

One common source of funding for startups involves borrowing money from friends and family. It can be a great way to avoid bank interest rates and reduce your overall debt level so you can put more cash back into your business. But when getting loans from friends and family, you must be aware that conflicts can arise. During […]

Reboot Spring 2022 Applications Open

ReBoot is a free, six-week program to help people turn business ideas into business plans. Entrepreneurship presents powerful opportunities for individuals and communities. Here at The Mill, we want to […]

AWS Startup Scale: Cost Optimization for Startups

"How long will my funding last?". Every fast growing Startup will ask itself this question, and adding cloud spending costs into the mix is not making it easier. Join this session to learn what you can do today to optimize your spending on AWS. Learn how you can reduce cost by finding over-provisioned resources, by […]

AWS Startup Academy: Carta & AWS Equity 101

Equity ownership is one of the most powerful existing tools for wealth creation, and becoming an owner starts with education and inspiration. In this session, AWS Startups partner Carta will share Equity 101, their free curriculum aimed at creating more ownership. This session will cover startup equity and investing before diving into the big questions […]