Empowering Entrepreneurs: Recap of Our Summer 2023 ReBoot Program

by Jun 5, 2023

Our latest ReBoot session was recently completed, which took place from June 12 to June 16. In this session, we made a positive change to the program by condensing it into a week instead of six weeks, which greatly helped keep participants engaged.

During this ReBoot, we had a strong attendance of around 20 to 23 individuals who attended at least four of the five meetings. The sessions covered various essential aspects of setting up a business, including registering an LLC with the state, seeking help from the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), understanding taxes and accounting, and handling HR matters when hiring employees.

Guest speakers shared their expertise. Michelle Casady from Northwest Bank conducted a financial planning and modeling workshop, Arthur Levy spoke about accounting, and Mande Miskewycz from ISBDC covered available resources and marketing support. Melanie Beldock discussed leadership and building a strong company culture, while Karen Oeding explained the benefits of being a member of The Mill, not just for starting a business but also for working in the space.

“I thought it was a solid introduction to starting a business (anywhere) but also with very specific info on Indiana resources,” said participant Sarah Bortt. “The overview of entrepreneurship worked well for me. And I appreciated the session about leadership, especially,” added another participant, Joel Pontius.

All of us at The Mill are excited so many participants showed interest in tech-related companies. Since most attendees were in the ideation stage, we continue to support them through regular follow-ups, helping them utilize their membership benefits and achieve their goals. This time, for the first time, we opened up ReBoot to the wider community with an open call rather than focusing solely on specific populations. The response was highly encouraging, indicating that more people in the community are eager to take the leap and start something of their own.

With 22 participants, this was the second-highest attendance in ReBoot‘s history. The feedback received from this engaged group will help us further enhance the program. We extend our gratitude to all our guest speakers, Arty and Rosann Levy, Mande Miskewycz, Michelle Casady, Melanie Beldock, and Karen Oeding, for their valuable contributions.

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