a vision exercise for IU students in cybersecurity

Cyber Solutions Showcase

The showcase is complete! Watch the presentations.

Are you an IU student preparing for a career in cybersecurity? The Cyber Solutions Showcase is a fun way to explore innovative ideas, gain experience, and forge important career connections.

Here’s how it works. You’ll identify a cybersecurity problem faced by individuals or organizations, describe the potential solution, and then envision a business built around bringing that solution to market.

The Cyber Showcase isn’t a competition. It’s a chance to showcase your learning and your personal potential to a respected panel of innovators, entrepreneurs, and cybersecurity experts. You’ll get feedback on your idea, and you’ll form new mentoring relationships. Most importantly, you’ll gain experience in the problem-solving world of your future career—not to mention confidence, networking, and leadership skills.

Register your intent to participate (along with an abstract of your idea) by October 1. Based on your abstract, we’ll assign you a mentor from NSWC Crane to support you as you develop the idea. You’ll have three weeks to create a one-page overview of the problem, solution, and business, along with a slide deck to show during your presentation to the panel. See our tips below to help you prepare. Materials are due October 25.

Then, on October 29, all the participants will present their cyber solutions to our panel. We’ll nerd out together over all the cool ideas! You’ll get a certificate, you’ll make important career connections, and you’ll have a blast.


September 3

applications open


September 16, 12PM

Zoom info session


October 1

deadline to register & submit abstract


OCtober 25

materials due


October 29

solutions showcase!


  • Identify the problem you want to solve first. Potential topics include cybersecurity, privacy, safety, critical infrastructure, supply-chain security, customer data and privacy, complaince, proactive defense against cyber threats—use your imagination!
  • Get clear on who faces this problem: consumers? businesses? government? Who is willing to pay for a solution to this problem? This will be the market for your business.
  • Then outline a solution. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how to execute it technically. Just think through how it might work.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t think of a problem to solve. We can get you started with ideas for problems and even promising solutions that beg for commercialization!
  • Then outline the business idea to sell this solution. Who is the customer? How big is that market? How will you reach customers to tell them about your idea? How will the business make money?


  • Register by October 1. You’ll need to prepare an abstract of your idea to submit when you register. Then, based on your idea, we’ll match you to a mentor at NWSC Crane.
  • Submit one-pager and slide deck by October 25.
  • Present your solution to our expert panel on October 29, live via Zoom from 11-12:30.

Your abstract should describe the problem you want to solve and briefly outline the potential solution and its market.

Your one-pager should quickly tell the story of your cyber solution and provide an overview of the content in your slide deck in an at-a-glance view.

Your slide deck should include:

  • Business name
  • The problem you’ve identified
  • The solution you envision
  • The customers/market for your solution
  • The revenue model (how you’ll make money)
  • Go to market strategy (how you’ll find cutomers)


  • Clocr (Austin, Texas) – Clocr, short for Cloud Locker, is the industry’s first all-in-one legacy planning platform for online accounts, crypto currency, and digital assets.
  • Paqt (Toronto, Canada) – This agreement platform enables external business communication in a chat environment without compromising speed and legal security.
  • PixoAnalytics (Bonn, Germany) – PixoAnalytics makes it possible to identify any item at any point in time in any location with its unique surface structure recognition algorithm.
  • Rainbow Secure (Old Bridge, New Jersey) – Rainbow Secure provides secure office solutions for protecting logins, data, payments, transactions, and services.