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Finals live on Zoom on Dec 14!

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The winner takes home $2,500 from Flywheel Fund!

Every great business starts with a great idea. Before there’s a minimum viable product, before customers and revenue, before investors, there’s a spark of innovation,  a flash of insight, a moment of inspiration.

The Crossroads Idea Competition is your chance to showcase that idea and get feedback from expert judges. After that, you can take your idea into a pre-accelerator like B-Start, then into Mill Cohorts, then on to gBETA! Who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself pitching at Crossroads Pitch Competition someday.

And if you win the Crossroads Idea Competition, you’ll take home $2,500 from Flywheel Fund! (Psst: you’ll need to set up a business entity, but no worries, we’ll help.)

Need some inspiration on what makes a great idea? Check out this blog post. Better yet, take a look at Quiptu, the 2021 winner! Winning the Crossroads Idea Competition was the beginning of a great startup story for them. You can make this the beginning of your new adventure. Apply!



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finals live over Zoom

But first, let’s see what you’ve got in mind!

Crossroads Idea Competition is open to anyone in the Velocities region (Bloomington, Columbus, and surrounds). Submit a 3-minute pitch video by December 2. Tell us:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • For what customer?
  • What evidence do you have of need?
  • What’s your solution?
  • How will you earn revenue?

We’ll let you know by December 8 whether you’re in for Demo Day on December 14. If so, you’ll give a 5-minute pitch on Zoom. This will be shorter than a traditional pitch: we’re not going to pepper you with questions, because after all, it’s just an idea at this point!

And don’t forget: Thanks to Flywheel Fund, the winner takes home $2,500! (Fine print: You’ll have to set up a business entity to claim the prize, but don’t worry, we’ll help with that.)

Fueling early-stage innovation is especially important for increasing access to entrepreneurial opportunity. Your sponsorship of the Crossroads Idea Competition opens the door to opportunity a little wider!

2022 Judges

Entries were reviewed by a respected panel of Indiana entrepreneurs and investors.

Simon Beverton

Founder & Principal Consultant, Future Wonder

Martina Fausto

Venture Analyst, Flywheel Fund

Samantha Ginther

Associate, High Alpha

Adam Gross

Executive Director Ivy+ Career Link, Ivy Tech

Robert Henschel

Chief Technology Officer, WayZada

Shaun McDermott

EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Cornerstone

Heath Murray

Partner, Dioltas

Dan Nash

Startup Ecosystem Manager, Velocities

Cerwin Rush

Senior Data Consultant, Onebridge

Melissa Ward

Innovation Impact Catalyst Manager, Oregon State University

Audrey Wessel

Attorney, Gutwein Law

Elise Young

gBETA Indiana Director, gener8tor