Crossroads Idea adds $1,000 Climate Resiliency Prize

by Nov 9, 2023

Got an innovative idea for a startup? Tell us about it in the Crossroads Idea Competition! You could win a $2,500 investment from Flywheel Fund to explore it further. Does your idea solve an environmental problem by addressing conservation, climate change, natural disaster preparedness, or other issues of climate resiliency? Even better, because this year, thanks to Duke Energy Foundation, we’re offering a second stand-alone prize of $1,000 in no-strings cash for the Climate Resiliency Award. All applicants will be considered for both prizes, and it’s possible that one person could take home both. Boom!

 This competition is a low-risk way to put your idea out there, give it a little more shape and definition, and see what people think. And not just any people: check out these awesome judges! Everyone who applies will get feedback.

Show us what you’ve got!

Apply to the Crossroads Idea Competition

The competition is open to anyone in Indiana. Submit a 3-minute pitch video by December 6. (Word to the wise: the deadline will NOT be extended this time.)

Tell us:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • For what customer?
  • What evidence do you have of need?
  • What’s your solution?
  • How will you earn revenue?

The judges will review the pitches asynchronously the week of December 11. If you make the cut, you’ll deliver your pitch live on Zoom on December 20. This will be shorter than a traditional pitch. We’re not going to pepper you with questions, because after all, it’s just an idea at this point.

(What makes a great idea? Check this out.)

Are you in? Go on, do it! Enter the Crossroads Idea Competition!