COVID Safety at The Mill

Current policy as of Friday, March 4, 2022: masks are optional at The Mill. 

The Mill is proud to be a leader in COVID safety! As a center for entrepreneurship and coworking, The Mill is meant to bring people together. Our hundreds of members share many common areas, and guests are frequent. We love the possibilities generated by connection and contact. 

Our building adaptations for COVID currently include:

  1. Extra masks and hand sanitizer available at entry points
  2. Sterilizing UV lights installed in the HVAC system to clean airflow of viruses
  3. Clear partitions added as a barrier between workspaces & highly trafficked areas
  4. Bathroom faucets replaced with touchless faucets
  5. Hand dryers disabled to eliminate air-blown pathogens
  6. Lids installed on toilets to prevent fecal-oral transmission
  7. Two UV light boxes available to disinfect podcast microphones.