COVID Safety at The Mill

Looking for the required safety orientation?

Current policy as of Thursday, August 5, 2021, per local health mandates:  Masks and social distancing are required when you enter The Mill, in all public areas, and in conference rooms. Masks may only be removed if you are working alone at a desk. All members and guests must be masked, regardless of vaccination status. More details are available below.

The Mill is proud to be a leader in COVID safety! As a center for entrepreneurship and coworking, The Mill is meant to bring people together. Our 275+ members share many common areas, and guests are frequent. We love the possibilities generated by connection and contact. In the age of coronavirus, those possibilities become vulnerabilities. Our COVID protocols were designed to minimize health risks and developed using member input on their top concerns; research on how coronavirus is transmitted and ways to reduce risk; feedback from Cook Executives on our draft plans and safety features; advice from HVAC professionals; staff input; and more.

If you’re visiting The Mill as a guest, please sign this required waiver for guests.

If you’ve just become a member of The Mill, please complete this member orientation.

COVID Safety Protocols

The Mill’s safety protocols apply to everyone in the building: staff, members, guests, vendors, no exceptions. We periodically re-evaluate which protocols to continue, adapt, or discontinue. These are current as of August 5, 2021, in compliance with local mandates.

  1. The Mill reopened after spring 2020 shutdown in slow phases to gradually increase the number of people inside the building. Currently we are open 24/7, at 100% of capacity. Some event restrictions still apply.
  2. Before entering the building, all members and guests must first complete a safety orientation.
  3. Staff monitor the electronic signatures against the log of who has used their digital key to ensure all who enter have completed the orientation.
  4. Mask and social distancing are required on entry and everywhere throughout The Mill (the only exceptions are while working at one’s desk, while alone in a call or conference room, or when sitting 6 feet apart in a private office).
  5. Members are encouraged to self-monitor their temperature and to stay home if sick. The Mill has a thermometer available when needed.
Building and Space Adaptations for COVID Safety

The Mill’s building improvements aim to reduce pathogens and to make it easy to observe social distancing and safety protocols. These are the current improvements as of June 1, 2021.

  1. Sanitizing stations at all entry points
  2. Self-sanitizing caddies distributed throughout the building for easy access
  3. Extra masks available at the door
  4. Sterilizing UV lights installed in the HVAC system to clean airflow of viruses
  5. Clear partitions added as a barrier between workspaces & highly trafficked areas
  6. Bathroom faucets replaced with touchless faucets
  7. Hand dryers disabled to eliminate air-blown pathogens
  8. Lids installed on toilets to prevent fecal-oral transmission
  9. The podcast studio has clear partitions to protect interviewees and hosts. Two UV light boxes disinfect microphones after each session.
  10. The mother’s room now designated as Symptom Assessment Room, for use in critical situations when someone starts to experience COVID-type symptoms while at The Mill