Celadore Wins Crossroads Idea Competition 2022

by Jan 11, 2023

We’re excited to announce today the winner of the Crossroads Idea Competition! On December 14th, 2022, Jamie Tagg, Associate Professor of Music, Audio Engineering and Sound Production at the IU Jacobs School of Music, won for his business concept Celadore, an innovative performance riser for cellists soloing with orchestras. Celadore will receive a $2,500 investment from Flywheel Fund, our venture capital fund for startup companies.

“I am so excited to have won the Crossroads Idea Pitch Competition,” Jamie said. “I want to highlight and thank the team at The Mill for their support through events and individual consultations, as well as the partnership they have forged with the IU Innovation and Commercialization Office, offering a wide variety of educational resources and events to IU faculty startups. There is no question that these resources have set me and my company up for success as we move from a simple prototype to a commercially viable product and company!”


Celadore is the world’s first acoustically optimized and modular cello podium. It harnesses the vibration of the cello’s endpin, focuses it into a resonant panel made of wood and carbon fiber, and makes the instrument louder and clearer for the audience and performer alike.

Cello podiums are essential in concert settings, Jamie explains, to promote visibility of the star performer. The problem is that each riser is different, and typically the endpin resonates it in ways that are detrimental to sound or tone—the unique signature of the cellist. As a result, cellists are constantly forced to modify their performance to compensate.

Jamie first developed the concept in 2013 while working for a professional orchestra as a recording engineer. The orchestra had two events planned at a venue with no podium, so he constructed one drawing on his knowledge of acoustics and carpentry. The prototype was such an improvement that both cellists performing with the orchestra asked if they could buy it!

“Celadore is a perfect example of how great business ideas are born,” said Andy Lehman, Head of Accelerator Programming at The Mill. “When someone like Jamie has expertise in a particular area, in this case musical sound and performance, they develop insights into that industry’s unique problems. And when you create a needed solution to one of those problems, that’s entrepreneurship. Great entrepreneurial ideas can come from folks working in any field, regardless of whether they have a business background. The key is creating a terrific solution to a pain point.”


Jamie Tagg has continued to modify the riser since his successful 2013 prototype. Earlier in 2022, he participated in the IU Faculty Startup Accelerator, a collaboration between us and IU’s Innovation and Commercialization Office to help IU faculty learn how to develop their promising entrepreneurial ideas.

Jamie will use the Crossroads Idea prize money, a $2,500 investment from Flywheel Fund, to take the Celadore prototype design to a manufacturable, cost-effective product. He plans to launch with direct-to-consumer sales to prestige musicians to build a reputation. Later, the company will use that experience to refine the product and eventually license the manufacturing to a company with established production and sales channels in the musical instrument and staging industries!

Crossroads Idea Competition was launched in 2020.  A panel of twelve entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts selected five finalists to pitch their ideas live over Zoom. The other finalists were:

  • Kristin Cummings
  • Andrew Riordan
  • Tyler Jones
  • Jack Megnin

The Crossroads Idea Competition finals were judged by:

Visit our Crossroads Idea Competition webpage to learn more about the competition. See you at the 2023 competition!