Seven Sources of Startup Capital

If you wait for the typical business cycles to gather enough capital to grow a tech business, you won’t be able to grow it fast enough. Your technology will become obsolete before you can optimize it and build a customer base.

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 14: Ongoing Maintenance, with Jason Whitney

You have to continue to engage with those customers and your trusted partners to iterate your product, even when you’re in the market. Because just because you found a fit today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow some kid in Palo Alto hasn’t come up with something that’s even better than what you’ve got, and he’s already knocking on the door of your customers.

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DMI @ Rotary International of Bloomington

Pat East, Executive Director of Dimension Mill, spoke this week at Bloomington Rotary about The Mill, its benefit to our community, and the unique resources and challenges that Bloomington as a city and a community faces as it develops its economy. Dimension Mill...

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