Level Up with Dmitri Vietze: How to Get The Story Angle

by Aug 30, 2018

Every third Thursday of the month, Dimension Mill hosts Level Up, where local entrepreneurial figures in Bloomington talk about a particular aspect of small business and entrepreneurship. For August, Dmitri Vietze of rock paper scissors inc., interviewed Pat East Executive Director of Dimension Mill Inc., in order to showcase Dmitri’s process as he helped Pat shape the story of The Mill, its purpose, and its future.

What followed was part presentation, part workshopping of The Mill’s story, and part showcasing of Dmitri’s unique process for developing and shaping the story of a company with a unique history like Dimension Mill.

Dmitri interviewed Pat before a live audience for over an hour, asking pointed questions about messaging, the various purposes that The Mill will serve, the overall mission of Dimension Mill as the heart of technology innovation, technology education, coworking, and entrepreneurship.


Dmitri didn’t shy away from directing probing questions Pat about The Mill’s purpose, its overall vision. Dmitri explained his process to the audience as he furiously typed out Pat’s responses to his questions, all of which was displayed on a projected screen.

One of the most important aspects that Pat addressed in his discussion with Dmitri was regarding how The Mill isn’t only for launching high-potential companies. In fact, its overall economic mission is much broader, and includes freelance workers, software developers, and other community innovators like artists. Pat also explained that one of the keys to The Mill’s long-term success is to build a pipeline for an innovative workforce that will build the foundation for the future of Bloomington through programs like its REBOOT Fellowship.

The broadness and the ambition of the Mill’s vision differentiate it from other coworking spaces in Indiana by the programming that it offers, as well as the unique community space it seeks to build with The Mill’s recent partnership and acquisition of Cowork.

You can watch the full interview below: