Art @ The Mill: Alice Knipstine

by Jan 7, 2019

It’s only been two months, but we’re already highlighting the incredible work and talent that’s in our community.
We’ll be starting a new series of posts, called Art @ The Mill, where we’ll be highlighting the incredible artists and artwork being featured in The Mill!

Our first feature is Alice Knipstine, an artist whose medium is chalk. As part of making this space a truly communal one, we asked Alice to make a chalk mural in one of our lounge areas.
We asked Alice to recreate a Bloomington icon, the Sample Gates at Indiana University.

Alice began by doing some preliminary planning and sketch work, but she easily was making progress by the afternoon.

By the end of her first portion of the project was completed, Alice had done quite a bit of substantial work, creating the iconic lines of the Sample Gates.

Later on in November, Alice returned to do additional work on the details of her mural. You can see all of the finishing touches she put on her drawings, as well as the attention to detail she displayed in getting our logo just right.

There’s always something magical about watching a drawing come together in stages. Alice went back and added more details, she also created some incredible perspective, adding those features of the Sample Gates that are small, yet detailed enough to add to that illusion of depth that she began her project with.

Once Alice had finished her work, we wanted to make it a truly community-owned chalkboard, and invited our members to sign it! This chalk mural will be up for the whole year, so if you find yourself in The Mill or want to stop by for a tour and sign it, you’re more than welcome to!

You can see more of Alice’s work on her Instagram Handle, @Getinthetruck, or more of her artwork that’s not chalk-based here.

We’ll be highlighting more art as it comes into The Mill!