Art @ The Mill: Aaron Denton

by Jan 9, 2019

As we continue to get settled in our space, we keep asking for more art, and getting it, showing off just a taste of what Bloomington has to offer!

Today we’d like to feature the work of Aaron Lowell Denton, a Bloomington artist who’s renowned for the incredible work that he’s done for clients in Bloomington and beyond. A self-taught designer, Aaron’s work is easily recognizable and renowned for its vibrancy and blending of old and new, making his artwork fit right in with The Mill!

For his featured artwork, Aaron was kind enough to showcase his work for the monthly jazz & improv music event at The Blockhouse Bar.

Aaron’s work always seems to have that eye-catching quality without distracting from the information on the poster. Here he uses an abstract strip to draw attention to the mathematical theme and the information about Call & Response.

This poster also plays with font and blends the old and the new, evoking some font designs from iconic show posters from the 1970s and the 80s.

Aaron’s work never ceases to make the viewer stop and look. It’s the best of both worlds, for something so temporary, like a poster, being so thoughtfully crafted.
Aaron’s posters are currently on display here at The Mill in our reception area and open work space. They’re available for purchase as well (because we definitely believe in artists getting paid for their work)!
You can follow Aaron’s work on Instagram here.